Project Management for Job Searches – Planning & Design

It is time for the planning and design of your job search. Unlike the initiation phase this will be a detailed proposal that lays out the boundaries of the project. You will want to document the objective and any constraints or possible risks. There should be a project scope that identifies what is possible within the available resources, or the limited amount of opportunities for which you may be qualified. This scope will also include unavoidable factors such as cost, scheduling and team assembly.

Project Deliverables

To draw up a scope statement you need to address the deliverables, and the activities necessary to achieve those deliverables. In this case the deliverable is an offer for new employment. In order to find a new position, you will have to apply for available openings that meet your selected job search criteria. In the digital age, this is no longer as simple as opening up a newspaper to the classified section. There are all sorts of job boards, networking websites and other services available to the inquiring professional.

Costs and Resources

You need to decide how much time and money you are willing to invest into your quest for gainful employment. If you have been out of work for some time, then your savings have been depleted, but you will have a lot more time to send out resumes. However many of us happen to be looking for a greater challenge, and still have a source of income to fall back on during our search. Then it might be a good idea to look into costlier networking opportunities.

Team Assembly

Most of us do not have a personal assistant who is willing to seek out employment opportunities on our behalf. That is not to say that you have to attempt a job search alone. There are many resources available to the job seeker. If writing has always been difficult for you, consider enlisting the services of a professional resume writer. Online services such as offer assistance with connecting to recruiters, as well as tapping into the hidden job market of unlisted opportunities.


It is difficult to say when exactly a new job opportunity will present itself. This is a great example of what is known as rolling wave planning, which can be compared to agile project management. The different stages of the project occur in waves when the details of each step become clearer. You can set aside a period of each day to compose cover letters and personalize resumes. But there are only so many openings to apply for, and an even smaller percentage of those will get in contact with you.

Scope Statement

The scope statement is a detailed report on the project at hand, like a business plan for your job search. It will discuss everything we have covered in the planning and design phase, including project deliverables, costs and resources, team assembly, scheduling and more. Depending on the scale of the task at hand, you may want to go into further details about possible risks and consequences. There are templates for scope statements available online.

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