Project Management for Job Searches

If a project is a unique endeavor taken up during a temporary allotment of time, then it makes sense to call the job search a project. You can streamline your search simply by treating it as any other project. Each stage of the project management process has its equivalent in the career hunt, from deciding to look for a job to finally accepting an offer.


Deciding to look for a new job can be compared to the initiation phase of the project management process. During this stage it is necessary to carefully consider the pros and cons of beginning a search. Is it is feasible to look for a new opening in this market? How will a new job benefit your life?

Engaging upon the search for a new career is not something that you should take lightly. Not only does a job provide your main source of income, but it also represents the place where you will spend the majority of your time. One should not uproot their life on an impulse, especially when there are other factors that may be dependent upon your ability to make money.

Of course sometimes we do not have a choice in the matter, such as when out of work. In which case the pursuit of employment becomes unavoidable.

Planning and Design

The planning and designing step of the project management process has definite similarities to writing a resume. This is the time to put the project scope into writing, gather the required materials and determine a schedule. You may want to calculate how much you have to spend on networking platforms or professional resume writing services.

Due to the uncertain nature of looking for work, it is not very practical to set a strict timeframe. This is comparable to the agile method of project management. What you can do is make sure you are well prepared with a comprehensive resume.


When it comes down to the time to launch the job search the best thing to do is to start sending out those resumes. As you apply to different positions you will want to include a thoughtful cover letter. Of course one must take into account the unlisted opportunities acquired through networking.

Monitoring and Controlling

Obtaining an interview and following up with the recruiter can be described through the monitoring and controlling stages of project management. At this juncture one must compare the project plan to what is actually happening, and make any necessary adjustments. Ideally you will be booking multiple interviews, at which point the final decision is still uncertain. However it is possible to influence the outcome by excelling in the interview, and perhaps following up with a tasteful thank you note.


Closing the deal and accepting an offer has an obvious parallel in the closing phase of the project management process. Even now it is necessary to evaluate the project and tie up any loose ends. You may even have multiple offers on the table, in which case it is time to make a tough decision.

by Elizabeth de Moya

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